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High Performance Oils for Maximum Performance & Protection

Providing unmatched levels of engine protection and performance.

STEEL SHIELD is a high performance engine oil designed to increase performance resulting in longer engine life and reduced maintenance costs, making it an excellent choice for drivers seeking to optimize their engine’s performance and longevity.

  • Reduced friction and friction-related wear
  • Increased engine durability
  • Enhanced fuel economy
  • Reduced metal film strength
  • A bio-organic-chemical formula product
  • Reduction of heat, friction, and debris, especially significant
  • Treats, rehardens, and protects the metal surface
  • Better engine protection
  • Extended oil change intervals
  • Improved cold weather performance
  • Increased horsepower
  • Reduced engine emissions
  • Protection under extreme conditions
  • Extends the life of your machine double and even more
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Extensive testing proves the benefits of using Steel Shield

Extensive testing has shown that Steel Shield outperforms conventional oils in terms of deposit control, wear protection, and overall engine cleanliness, even under extreme operating conditions.

Cutting Edge Technology

With its Advanced Boundary Film technology, Steel Shield represents the next generation of synthetic engine oils

With Advanced Boundary Film Technology, metal surfaces and dirt containing metal debris becomes positively charged and repel one another. Steel Shield reacts chemically with the contacting metal surfaces to form a complex surface attaching film of protection. The result is a virtual elimination of frictional wear and significant cooling of the entire lubricated area yielding higher energy savings and reduced metallic debris and acids in the oil.


“Guaranteed performance boost and super smooth ride !!!
Used this “high quality” oil for the past few years with my two cars and have never looked back !
5 out of 5 !!”

W Geo


“Weapon Shield was truly a life saver!”

C Hickerson
Major, Infantry
US Army


“Been using it on my S2000 on track and on daily driving, absolute blast on how well it performs.”

C Wong


“The Union Pacific Railroad uses Steel Shield products extensively. Steel Shield has been proved to be functional and cost-effective, and are highly recommended.”

J Hendricks, Manager M/W Equipment Operations
Union Pacific Railroads


“The most significant factor was the increase in reliability as well as availability. The vehicles were able to perform when needed and the missed trips were lowered by 10%.”

M Pushnick
Manager of Contract Administration
Bus & Rail


“The 4 Volvo cars which had Steel Shield lubricants applied got horse power boosted by 8% – 12% compared with the same 4 cars without Steel Shield. Our company will be pleased to recommend Steel Shield to our customers.”

Shang Qi
Volvo Car Corporation

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