Products Comparison

Weapon Shield Is The Winner In The Gun Oil Wear Tests

FP-10 was the 1st generation formula and is now replaced by Weapon-Shield which is the 5th generation formula.

Under carefully controlled laboratory test conditions, this basic test was performed with a variety of lubricants for a 60 second time period and under a 266.5 lb. roll to ring pressure. The method of measurement devised to wear consisted of measuring the length and width of a “wear mark” (see drawing) and multiplying them together and multiplying by 1,000 to get an index number. This table allow a comparison of index number (higher number indicating more wear) of the various lubricants used in this test.

Weapon Shield (FP-10) has the least Wear Index Number (0.9), Scar Length (0.039”) and Scar Width (0.024”) among 33 competitors. It is concluded that Weapon Shield is the best product.

Download The Full Test Report (6 Pages)