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The History of Advanced Boundary Film Technology

During WWII, the German Science and Technology Research Institute was commissioned the mission of meeting the stringent demand for lubricants of heavy weapons such as armoured vehicles, tanks and battleships to avail themselves of their maximum durability & performance with minimal maintenance. The concept of Magnetic Levitation was proposed to offset the mechanical deficiency.

Shortly after the War, a large number of elite scientists from Europe migrated to the United States. Among them was an Irish scientist Dr. Fennell, who came with a large volume of research data about maglev. The maglev concept was first proposed during tohe start of the WWII, but it was not materialized until it came into the hands of Dr. George C Fennell. The old scientist continued his scientific research and eventually in 1986 a family member of his, Dr. George C Fennell, pursued a breakthrough and developed the Advanced Boundary Film Technology.

The Inventor

Dr. George C Fennell

Doctor of Astronomy and Astrophysics

SAE (Society of Automotive and Aerospace Engineers) Member
ASNE (American Society of Naval Engineers) Member
NCMA (National Contract Management Association) Member
STLE (Society of Tribologists and Lubricant Engineers) Member

The Father of Advanced Boundary Film Lubrication

In 1985, Dr. George C Fennell, a former scientist in Astronomy and Astrophysics doing consulting and contract work in advanced lubrication and surface Tribology, formulated a revolutionary metal treatment oil additive which can activate “ABF” (Advanced Boundary Film) through a proprietary and unique “electro-chemical ionization” (ECI) process. He has been known in the industry as the “Father of Advanced Boundary Film Lubrication and halogenation without corrosion”.

On the basis of ABF, a series of specialty lubricants were derived to meet the specific requirements of various purposes, which is so far to date, the most advanced formulas in lubrication and lubrication theory. In retrospective, the nearly half a century research and development obviously embodies the relentless pursuit of several generations of scientists from scratch to reality.

In 2006 Dr. George Fennell opened his own company, Steel Shield Technologies Inc. to continue to pursue his research and expanded its product line into a series of more Advanced Metal Treatment (ABF Technology) specialty high-end lubricants for military and industrial applications.

Over the years, since the official launch of Steel Shield in the market, there have been tremendous aftermarket products trying to resemble Steel Shield, but due to its unique formula and advanced chemistry, none have been found even remotely successful. To this date, Dr. Fennell is still the leader and top expert in his field.

The U.S. government in recognition of this excellent scientific contribution and to compliment Dr. George Fennell’s achievement they have named the street outside his first factory as Fennell Avenue.