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Red Fox (10W-50)

For a high-performance synthetic lubricant for your 4-stroke engine, look no further than Steel Shield RED FOX

RED FOX is a premium quality heavy duty synthetic-based lubricant developed for use in all makes of 4-stroke motorcycles such as Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, BMW, Ducati, etc.

Formulated with Steel Shield ABF Technology to exceed the most demanding lubrication requirements of modern 4-stroke motorcycles, RED FOX not only rebuilds the hidden power of your engine, but also allows your engine to run quieter, cooler, and more responsive whilst providing excellent engine, gearbox, and wet clutches protection. It ensures the highest possible reliability even under the harshest driving environment.

With RED FOX, you can trust that your motorcycle’s engine will run smoothly and efficiently, delivering the power and performance that you demand!