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Tips for Choosing the Right Car engine oil

Whether it’s 5w40, 5w30 or 10w50, or any other racing oil, you have to carefully make the choice of high-performance oil for your vehicle as the glut of motor oils and different viscosities available can quickly induce analysis paralysis. In order to get the performance-enhancing oil you should always check for these two factors:

  • The viscosity of Motor oil
  • The performance or industry specifications the oil should meet

Similarly for racing cars the high-quality driven racing oil that can enhance the engine specifications is necessary.

There are 3 types of Engine oils:

  • Synthetic motor oil is known for offering the best protection, improved resistance to extreme heat, better wear protection, and performance as it doesn’t contain the impurities inherent to conventional oils. Moreover, when the temperature drops it provides maximum cold-flow properties. Hence, leading to a cleaner, longer-lasting engine.
  • Being simply a mixture of synthetic and conventional oils, synthetic-blend is designed to provide improved protection as compared to conventional oil without the higher initial price of synthetic motor oil but the turn-off is that you don’t exactly know how much synthetic part is there.
  • Conventional is somehow without the presence of impurities thanks to the process of refining but there still remain some impurities like sulfur and wax whose molecules are detrimental to lubricating an engine. Conventional oil is more inclined to cause harmful deposits when exposed to heat, thickens in the cold, making it harder to start your motor, and chemically breakdown sooner, requiring more incessant changes.

If you are looking for high-end engine oil and lubricants, the ones manufactured by Steel Shield Technologies, Inc. are definitely the right fit as we specialize in synthetic oil with special technology (ABF Technology) is based on Tribology methods through Electrochemical Ionization (ECI) to give your engine longevity.

Stay tuned with us at for more information about high performance engine oils.

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